⚠️ We will cease our activities as a D doctor on 31.03.2024. In addition, please use the medical on-call service in Hesse under the nationwide number 116 117 for immediate mediation in the event of an accident. 

Accident treatment

in the private orthopaedic practice in Kronberg

The accident insurance association's "Durchgangsarztverfahren" (D-Arzt-Verfahren) regulates the treatment of accidents at work, at school or on the way to work in Germany.

It is only used in cases where the statutory accident insurance covers the costs of treatment. A D-Arzt is a doctor with special accident medical knowledge. Admission requires special personnel, equipment and facilities.

Dr. Braune and his practice met the criteria required by the employers' liability insurance associations. He was authorized to treat work, school and commuting accidents until 31.03.2024. Due to a reorientation of his medical focus, he voluntarily gave up this activity.

If you have suffered an accident at work, at school or on the way to work, please contact the medical on-call service in Hesse immediately by telephone, as this treatment is not tied to appointments and should take place as quickly as possible.

116 117