The equipment

Find out more about the equipment at the Kronberg orthopaedic private practice

Digital X-ray machine

The practice is equipped with a digital X-ray system for examining the entire skeletal system, including special joint settings, for the rapid assessment of the consequences of accidents or changes in the musculoskeletal system due to wear and tear.

Ultrasound unit for arthro and soft tissue sonography

The practice is equipped with two modern ultrasound machines with transmission of the examination images to several monitors. Ultrasound examinations are used to diagnose all joints as well as the muscle and ligament structures of the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, Dr. Braune is authorised to examine the infant hip to exclude a hip joint malformation.

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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy - ESWT

The equipment of the practice with a state-of-the-art focussed piezoelectric shock wave device enables the treatment of painful tendon and soft tissue inflammations of the musculoskeletal system. Good results are achieved in the treatment of calcified shoulder, golfer's and tennis elbow and heel spurs. The practice's own experience shows that the treatment of painful inflammation of the metatarsal heads (metatarsalgia) is also successful.

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Digital Dynamic Pedography

Digital dynamic pedography creates a "fingerprint" of your foot shape and gait pattern. For this purpose, the patient walks over a pressure measuring plate and the loading and rolling process of the feet is graphically displayed on a large monitor with computer support. The determined data is evaluated by computer (Computer Numeric Controlled / CNC) and transmitted to a computer-controlled material milling machine (Computer Assisted Design / CAD technology). This then produces your custom-fit orthopaedic insole for daily use.

Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy - PMT

Pulsating magnetic field therapy (PMT) is used to treat diseases of the joints and soft tissues. It is mainly used for activated arthrosis, chronic spinal pain, osteoporosis, delayed healing of bone fractures and loosening of artificial joints. The practice's own therapy concepts combine PMT with acupuncture and also achieve good results with non-orthopaedic clinical pictures such as ringing in the ears, migraine and chronic states of exhaustion.

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Medistream Massage Therapy

Painful tension in the muscles of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine is treated with a combination of relaxation of the lumbar spine, heat therapy, movements, grips of classical massage and underwater pressure jet massage with the Medistream massage therapy in the practice. The patient lies comfortably bedded on a massage table filled with water at 34 degrees Celsius and can thus already relax completely during the treatment.

Physical therapy unit

Sports injuries and torn muscle fibres, extreme shortening of the muscles and local irritations of joints and tendons are treated in the practice's physical therapy unit with low-frequency stimulation current treatment, diadynamics, iontophoresis and ultrasound therapy. The treatment improves blood circulation in the muscles, reduces inflammatory processes and removes waste products.

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