About the surgeon Dr. Carsten Braune in Kronberg

Dr Braune is a trained orthopaedic surgeon and a specialist in arthroscopic joint surgery certifiedby the German-speaking Working Group for Arthroscopy(AGA).

In addition to his specialist qualifications in orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgery and trauma surgery, Dr Braune has also completed two years of further training in special orthopaedic surgery, which qualifies him for the surgical treatment of the entire musculoskeletal system.

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Training of the surgeon Dr. Carsten Braune from Taunus

Very early in his surgical training, after starting his orthopaedic training at the Orthopaedic University Clinic in Tübingen in 1996, Dr Braune had the opportunity to gain experience in the specialist field of shoulder surgery with Professor Habermeyer at the ATOS Clinic in Heidelberg in 1997.

His further surgical training took place exclusively at university hospitals. From 1998 to 2000, Dr Braune was able to learn the basics of trauma surgery under Professor Tscherne in the Trauma Surgery Clinic at the Hanover Medical School. Professor Tscherne was the first holder of a chair in trauma surgery in Germany. His classifications and algorithms and the associated training shaped the field of trauma surgery in Germany. Coming from his school, a large number of the chief physicians at the trauma surgery university hospitals in Germany were appointed.

Subsequently, Dr Braune worked at the Orthopaedic University Hospital Stiftung Friedrichsheim in Frankfurt am Main under Professor Zichner. With its departments for spinal orthopaedics, general orthopaedics and traumatology, paediatric orthopaedics, sports orthopaedics and rheumatism orthopaedics, the Orthopaedic University Hospital Frankfurt was one of the largest orthopaedic clinics in Germany. Here, in addition to the comprehensive training in the entire subject area of orthopaedics and traumatology, Dr Braune was able to consolidate his joint-specific training and gain extensive surgical experience.

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Highest surgical operative level in the orthopaedic practice Kronberg im Taunus, Hesse

For specialization within his surgical focus of arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee joint, Dr. Braune completed a Fellowship in Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery at the Department of Orthopeadic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA in 2004 as a selected fellow of the German-speaking Working Group for Arthroscopy. He was selected as a candidate from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Professor Fu, the former director of the clinic, was one of the pioneers of arthroscopic surgery of the knee joint, and the clinic was a worldwide reference center for this. During this period, Dr. Braune had the opportunity to consolidate his knowledge and also to be involved scientifically in the clinic's current projects.

After 11 years of working in hospitals with an orthopaedic surgery focus, Dr Braune decided in 2007 to contribute the experience he had gained up to then to the takeover and expansion of the orthopaedic specialist practice in Kronberg. The practice, which had been located in Kronberg for over 30 years, had not been active in surgery until then. Dr. Braune expanded the practice's range of surgical and operative services and has since continued to provide his patients with his experience and skills at the highest level.

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