Arthroscopic joint surgery in Kronberg

Gentle surgical technique in the Taunus

Dr. Braune now performs many of his procedures on an outpatient basis, which is now possible without restrictions and almost without risk thanks to the gentle arthroscopic surgical technique.

What is arthroscopic joint surgery?

Through arthroscopic joint surgery, degenerative and accidental injuries to joints can be discovered and treated by means of a joint endoscopy.

This technique is minimally invasive, i.e. particularly gentle. Compared to open surgery, it is therefore associated with less pain and the subsequent healing can take place more quickly. It is used especially for knee or shoulder injuries, but also for ankle and elbow injuries.

Gentle arthroscopic surgical technique

The gentle technique of arthroscopy not only minimises the risk of infection after the operation and the recovery time. The comparatively small incisions also ensure a cosmetically more beautiful operation result afterwards.

Knee and shoulder arthroscopy

In knee and shoulder arthroscopy, so-called keyhole surgery, small incisions are made in the affected joint to identify and treat the problem. The advantage of this minimally invasive technique is particularly evident in retrospect: fewer muscles are injured through smaller incisions, which ensures less pain and a faster healing process.

It is precisely in this field that Dr Braune, as a joint specialist, has specialised in arthroscopic interventions in knee and shoulder joints.

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Dr Braune now performs arthroscopic procedures on an outpatient basis. This means that the patient comes to the clinic shortly before the procedure and is usually even discharged home at the end of the same day.


Like any other surgical procedure, arthroscopy has its risks. However, due to the minimally invasive technique, these are much lower compared to conventional open surgery. Not only is the likelihood of infection or inflammation after the procedure much less likely, but the recovery time is also much shorter, which means that the joint can be loaded again sooner. Due to Dr. Braune's expertise, such an intervention is therefore even risk-free.