About the shoulder specialist Dr Carsten Braune in Kronberg

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and the possibilities for injury are correspondingly complex. The clinical pictures and diseases to be differentiated with their multitude of differential diagnoses place high demands on the practitioner and surgeon.

Fora long time, the shoulder joint with its possible diseases was a subject area that was underestimated in its scope and complexity and eluded systematic differentiation of clinical pictures. With the first publication of his work "Shoulder Surgery", which describes the shoulder joint, its clinical pictures and the possible surgical therapeutic treatment techniques, Professor Peter Habermeyer formulated a comprehensive standard for the first time.

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Surgical experience of the shoulder specialist Dr. Carsten Braune in Kronberg im Taunus

Dr. Braune had the opportunity to participate in Professor Habermeyer's expertise in the shoulder joint, his systematic and standardised approach to the clinical pictures of the shoulder joint at the beginning of his surgical work in 1997 at the Centre for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery / ATOS Clinic in Heidelberg. This very intensive collaboration created a fascination for the shoulder joint in Dr. Braune, which has not let go of him and continues to occupy him throughout his further medical training and work.

As a Fellow of the German-speaking Working Group for Arthroscopy under Professor F. H. Fu, Director of the Clinic of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh , Dr Braune was able to participate in an experimental investigation of the tensile strength of the tendons of the muscle cuff covering the head of the humerus in 2004. Different shoulder implants were tested for their stability. Dr Braune was actively involved in the experimental set-up and gained a great deal of surgical experience in this regard. This enabled him to further consolidate his understanding of the shoulder joint.

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Maximum therapeutic success thanks to many years of experience

After more than 25 years of medical practice in the fields of surgery, orthopaedics and accident surgery, Dr. Braune has retained his fascination for the shoulder joint and has developed a personal focus of treatment in this area. The combination of unchanged surgical activity and non-operative practice activity provides Dr. Braune's patients with a very differentiated approach to the clinical pictures of the shoulder joint with the highest possible therapeutic success in Hesse.

Dr Braune is an active member of the German Association for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (DVSE) in order to remain up to date and keep his knowledge up to date. He is the author of internationally listed publications on the subject of shoulder surgery and is an active participant in national and international congresses.

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