Magnetic field therapy in Kronberg

Treatment with pulsating magnetic field

Magnetic field therapy aims to stimulate the body's self-healing powers and support it in healing and regeneration processes. It has a very great bioregenerative potential, is almost free of side effects and perfectly applicable for a wide variety of complaints and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

It is well effective in acute inflammatory processes such as activated arthrosis, capsulitis, but also in fresh fractures, circulatory disorders in tissues and bones. It is also effective in cases of tinnitus or osteoporosis.


What is magnetic therapy?

When using magnetic field therapy, a distinction is made between treatment with static and pulsating magnetic field. When we talk about magnetic field therapy, we are usually talking about treatment with a pulsating magnetic field.

While static magnetic field involves, for example, wearing bracelets with permanent magnets as an aid, pulsating magnetic field therapy requires special devices that generate the magnetic field electrically. It is therefore only performed in practices or clinics and can treat symptoms in a targeted manner.

Pulsating magnetic field therapy

Treatment by pulsating magnetic field therapy takes place while the patient is lying down. Here, the affected part of the body is pushed into a tube, comparable to that of a computer tomography, with electric coils that build up a radial magnetic field due to the current flow. Magnetic field therapy thus has similarities to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - however, the magnetic field in MRI is much stronger.

Moreover, it is a dynamic and not a static magnetic field - it changes its strength, frequency, intensity and direction during the treatment. Due to this property, the influence of the therapy on the body's own structures to be treated is optimized on a cellular level.

This results in a maximally optimized treatment of the respective existing clinical picture.

Mode of action and goal of magnetic field therapy

Many processes in our body are based on electrical processes. For example, our heartbeat is controlled, conduction between nerve cells is enabled and various metabolic processes are influenced. However, if the electrical fields in the individual cells of the body are disturbed, cell function deteriorates.

The aim of magnetic field therapy is to influence cell metabolism and stimulate weakened cells. By increasing the oxygen concentration in the tissue, inflammatory processes are stopped and the acidic PH value in the inflammation area is increased to a basic neutral level. This stops inflammatory processes and has a decongestant effect. The blood circulation is increased and thus the oxygen supply in the tissue is improved, the regeneration of damaged cells is stimulated.

Acupuncture and magnetic therapy

The improved supply of oxygen to the cells has a positive influence on cell and bone metabolism. Not only is the absorption of various nutrients improved, but metabolic products and harmful substances are also removed more quickly.

The combination of acupuncture in the magnetic field strengthens both forms of therapy and shows excellent results for the patient, especially in inflammatory or chronically painful clinical pictures.

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Treatment by pulsating magnetic field therapy

Treatment by pulsating magnetic field therapy has many positive effects:

  • Anti-inflammation & decongestion
  • Tissue regeneration & vitalization
  • Stimulation of cell & bone metabolism

Possible applications of magnetic field therapy in Kronberg

postoperative after prosthesis, prosthesis loosening or complications

Magnetic field therapy can already be useful before an operation, as the tissue is stimulated and recovery after the operation is faster. Even after surgery, treatment can positively influence cell metabolism and thus also the healing process. Thus, recovery is accelerated, pain is reduced and the surrounding tissue is preserved in the best possible way, which simultaneously prevents prosthesis loosening.

In the case of loosening, treatment helps in particular to strengthen the bone tissue and re-stabilize the prosthesis. Since the implant is not displaced and there is no heat generation or the like, this form of therapy can also be used with prostheses made of metal.

Femoral head necrosis and necrosis of the femoral condyle (M. Ahlbäck).

Necrosis of the femoral head and necrosis of the femoral condyle (Ahlbäck's disease) belong to the group of osteonecroses and occur as a result of a circulatory disorder that leads to the death of bone tissue. They can occur spontaneously or after injury and bring pain and restricted movement. It results in severe swelling in the bone, which reduces the blood supply to the femoral head or femoral condyle and can lead to their death.

Due to the decongestant effect of the magnetic field and a better oxygen supply to the areas with inferior supply, a stimulation of the bone metabolism and thus improved nutrient supply, magnetic field therapy can prevent the destruction of the femoral head or the femoral condyle and, in addition to relieving the affected lower extremity, is a very effective therapeutic approach.

delayed fracture healing

Delayed (starting after 6 weeks) or absent healing (from 9 months) of a bone fracture can have various causes. In these cases, pulsed magnetic field therapy can be used to re-stimulate the healing process and prevent fracture healing. Per se, pulsating magnetic therapy causes improved fracture healing and can therefore be used well as a supportive treatment for fractures.
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Osteoporosis results from a disorder of bone metabolism, which leads to a reduced mineral salt content of the bone, reduces the stability of the bone and thus carries an increased risk of bone fractures. With increasing patient age, the risk of developing osteoporosis is significantly increased.

In the case of osteoporosis, which may additionally be characterized by diffuse bone pain, pulsed magnetic field therapy leads to a stimulation of bone metabolism. The resulting remineralization of the bone reduces pain and can lead to an increase in bone stability.

fresh fractures and bruises (bone bruises)

Even in the case of fresh bone fractures or fatigue fractures, the electro-osteostimulation that takes place during treatment with puslating magnetic field therapy results in support and improvement of bone fracture healing. The decongestant effect of the magnetic field results in a reduction of swelling in the bone, improved blood circulation and thus promotion of the healing process while reducing pain.

degenerative spinal diseases

Signs of wear and tear on the spine lead to pain in many cases. Even though the magnetic field cannot always prevent surgical intervention in the case of defects or deformities, pulsating magnetic field therapy helps here primarily through its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, bone metabolism-stimulating and thus regenerating effect. Own empirical values prove the good success of the application of acupuncture in the magnetic field. Since the acupuncture needle is made of steel, the magnetic field has a pronounced effect.

Cartilage contusions and activated osteoarthritis

Magnetic fields can be used both in the prevention of cartilage damage and in its treatment. In the case of cartilage bruising and the resulting swelling, magnetic field therapy helps to regenerate the cartilage and restore its water content. At the same time, the surrounding tissue is protected and strengthened. In addition, the anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect can reduce symptoms of activated osteoarthritis. Recurrent swelling and irritable fluid deposits in the joints can be reduced and in some cases even eliminated.

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Over the years, in my orthopedic practice in Kronberg, Germany, two clinical pictures have been treated with good success using pulsating magnetic field therapy due to its bioregenerative effect, when all previously applied therapy approaches were unsuccessful:

the therapy-resistant heel spur & tinnitus

  • A heel spur is an ossification on the heel caused by irritation of the bone or tendon insertions. When stressed, it can cause inflammation and swelling, resulting in severe foot pain.
  • Tinnitus is a permanent ear noise, which can lead to psychological and physical stress. Finding the exact cause is not always possible. However, therapy using pulsating magnetic fields can have a positive effect on the complaints by improving blood circulation and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the sensory cells in the ear.

In both clinical pictures, treatment is additionally carried out by means of acupuncture in the magnetic field, which treats both the ringing in the ears and vegetative symptoms such as sleep or concentration disorders and chronic pain conditions.

Combining both methods with acupuncture in the magnetic field helps to combat symptoms even more effectively and prevent permanent damage.

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Opportunities & Risks

What are the contraindications of pulsed magnetic therapy?

There are only a few reasons against pulsed magnetic field therapy. One of them is an active medical implant, as its function can be disturbed by the magnetic field. In this case, it is essential to consult with the physician before beginning therapy.

These implants include:

  • Pacemaker
  • Defibrillators
  • Insulin pumps
  • Brain Stimulators
  • Kochlea implants

Certain diseases can also speak against a therapy and should in any case be discussed in advance with the attending physician.

These include:

  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Cancer
  • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease

What side effects can occur with magnetic field therapy?

Since it is a non-invasive procedure, there are very few known risks and side effects. The treatment is painless and in rare cases temporarily triggers a slight tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth in the affected area of the body. This is caused by the increased blood flow.

Sometimes during the treatment, after the first applications, there may be an initial increase in the pre-existing symptoms. This phenomenon of initial worsening is a good sign of the body's response to the treatment and disappears again very quickly.

What are the chances of successful treatment by pulsating magnetic field therapy?

Even though good success in the treatment of various clinical pictures can already be achieved with the form of therapy presented so far alone, there is the possibility of maximizing the success of the therapy by combining it with acupuncture in the magnetic field. Through the combination, empirically proven, the effect of both forms of treatment is strengthened and complaints are treated even more specifically.
Preparation & Follow-up

Before and after magnetic therapy

Before starting a therapy, a thorough health assessment should always be carried out. This excludes the possibility that there are reasons that speak against such treatment. Irrespective of this, acute and chronic diseases requiring treatment can also be identified, which may be partly responsible for the complaints and should be treated as a matter of priority.

While many patients experience an improvement of symptoms already after the first treatment, a regular application in a time-limited treatment concept is necessary for a lasting effect. Thus, always 10 applications should take place within a maximum period of 4 weeks. One treatment lasts between 20-30 minutes.

What do I need to know to prepare for treatment?

It is not necessary to undress for the treatment. However, objects containing metal, such as jewelry, must be removed before treatment in the tube. Cell phones and credit and check cards should also not be placed in the magnetic field.
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Costs of pulsating magnetic field therapy

The success and the mode of action of the treatment depend on a sufficient frequency of application within a circumscribed period of time. Therefore, a treatment series of 10 applications within 3 weeks should always be applied. The costs per application are approx. 33 Euros - accordingly, approx. 330 Euros per treatment series using pulsating magnetic field therapy are to be expected. Use of acupuncture must be paid additionally.