Tear of a muscle of the rotary cup (rotator cuff rupture)

Damage to the rotator cuff may occur as a result of accident or abrasion. The most common immediate cause of the illness is a fall with the arm stretched out.

Damage caused by accidents typically leads to a total loss of strength of the involved shoulder immediately associated with the accident. As a result, it is impossible to raise the arm by its own strength. In the course of time, the function and mobility of the shoulder will improve, but loss of strength and night-time pain will remain.

Possible therapies
The major task is the surgical reconstruction of the function of the tendons, and hence the restoration of the strength and mobility of the shoulder joint. Moreover, the rotator cuff has a centralizing function in the shoulder joint, which counteracts an early inset of an arthritic condition.
Dr Braune reconstructs the damaged tendon attachment with thread anchors of titanium, and thus reattaches the tendon to the bone, so that it can heal back on completely.