Intervertebral Joint Arthritis (Facet Joint Syndrome)

Abrasion related reduction of the length of intervertebral disks, or their congenitally defective structure involving a lateral curvature of the spine (scoliosis), which gives rise to arthritis of the intervertebral joints.

Frequently patients feel pain when bending over or turning.

Possible therapies
Within the scope of a multistage therapy, cold (cryoablation) or heat (thermoablation) is used in order to denervate the facet joins by paralyzing the pain transferring fibres. In more severe conditions, a surgical stiffening of the affected vertebral segment may be necessary. Dr. Braune and Dr. Gouder treat the early stages of the facet syndrome successfully with a combination of alternative and conventional methods, combining pulsed magnetic therapy with paravertebral injections.